Gynecologic and Infertility

We treat both female and male gynecoloigcal problems. Uterine Fibroids eefect more that 25% of women ages 25-50. Find out more about non-surgical management of Uterine Fibroids. Men can suffer from a Varicocele — an abnormal twisted and enlarged vein in the scrotum. Many times they are painful and can lead to backflow of blood into the testes, causing pain and possibly infertility

Diagnosis and management

Treatment option for a Varicoele are open repair of the scrotum to tie off the varicocele, or an embolization performed by our specialists. The embolization is performed by inserting a small catheter at the area of the hip. The doctor advances a small wire into a vein near the groin and closes the vein that is causing the issue. The body naturally diverts blood flow to other veins, and the symptoms reside.