A serious condition called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a condition that MIMIT physicians treat and have many effective ways to treat it. DVT is similar to stroke. The difference is that in stroke, arterial plaques or clot is sent up into the brain. In DVD the clot goes into the lungs or heart. Some DVT’s are as fatal, if not more so than stroke.

Diagnosis and management

Treatment options can include use of blood thinners, which prevent further growth of clot. The issue is that the clot is still present in the body, as the thinners only prevent, not dissolve all the clot. MIMIT physicians utilize special tools to help break up the clots. These tools are mechanical devices that use ultrasound or a jet of water to break up the clot safely. This leads to faster recovery and lowers the likely hood of long term complications.

Inferior Vena Cava Filter Placement

Sometimes it is necessary to place a filter into the large venous blood stream, the inferior vena cava, to prevent clots from migrating toward the heart and lungs. The filter is similar to the appearance of a badminton birdie. It traps clots in its web and they remain there until the blood stream around it absorbs the clot. Some of these filters can be removed after the need for them is over. For example, after a hip fracture, a patient is at risk for DVT. Placing the filter in high risk patients is common, but is not needed after the patient recovers.